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3 Traits You Need to Succeed in Functional Medicine

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3 Traits You Need to Succeed in Functional Medicine

I’m inspired.

Inspired by all the success we’re seeing with functional medicine practitioners going through our FMFT program.

I want to bring this to you because I think the world needs more functional medicine practitioners that are getting it right.

What we have noticed during this tough time with the pandemic is that a lot of practitioners have realized that they have to rethink their future, how they look after patients, and how they stay financially secure.

The practitioners taking on functional medicine and taking it online, really serving their patients at a higher level, and getting a balance in their own lives, have three specific traits. They go through three distinct steps.

The first trait or step is that they value functional medicine because they know patient outcomes are not being achieved with conventional medicine. That is number one. Practitioners who don’t understand the value of functional medicine in creating excellent patient outcomes can’t go to the next step.

The second trait we’ve seen is that they are decisive. They can make decisions because they have a clear vision of what they want their lives to be. They have this goal, they have this dream, and they know that just thinking about it won’t make it happen. They have to make firm decisions, big and small, every day.

The third trait is the understanding that transformation is necessary.

We all need to grow. We all need to transform. We all need to move to the next level and jump over that hurdle that is holding us back. Every practitioner has their hurdles, their own limiting beliefs and limiting factors. That is the exact reason why we put together all the amazing coaches we have in FMFT. We know the most powerful limiting factor for practitioners in getting functional medicine right is the ability to grow and understand that if they’re staying in their comfort zone, nothing is going to happen. There has to be an element of growth to move forward.

That is why FMFT is a transformational program, not an informational program.

There are tons of costly informational programs out there. At the end of the day, we have practitioners coming to us, saying they are still stuck and burnt out. Their health is suffering, and they’re still not getting patients better.

It boils down to the ability to transform yourself and overcome those challenges that hold you back. Sometimes those challenges are minor and are between our ears.

Ultimately, when we have a vision that we can feel, touch, and emotionalize, then go through these steps, we can achieve this fantastic balance of extraordinary patient outcomes and an abundant lifestyle.

If that makes sense, watch this video then reach out to us.

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