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One Concept Gave Me A 1000% Return

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One Concept Gave Me A 1000% Return

When I started formally learning Functional Medicine around 2008, I loved this new way of thinking.

Although I had promoted lifestyle, nutrition, supplements, and natural ways since the 1990s, Functional Medicine was thinking that brought all the concepts together.

I went to every conference, seminar, webinar, and online course I could get my hands on. My enthusiasm was contagious, and I had many patients wanting to get started with Functional Medicine.

I soon realized, though, that it was not all roses.

Around 80% of patients never followed through after the initial few consults.

Those that persisted felt the supplements were too costly. Others thought it was too hard to change habits. I heard all the excuses.

At the same time, there were some very complex patients, and I had no support. Each case took a lot of extra time over and above the patient consults, and I became exhausted.

The time I put into each patient behind the scenes and in consults did not match what I was charging.

These were some of the same struggles that we see most health professionals experiencing with Functional Medicine.

They end up frustrated, burnt out, and not making any money.

It honestly took me 5+ years to figure out how to get Functional Medicine RIGHT.

There is an important lesson here; for those committed, new concepts are born with adversity. This is the base concept of the Functional Medicine Fast Track.

Firstly, could we, as health professionals, balance excellent patient outcomes and fulfill our mission and purpose on this planet.

Second, could we have a lifestyle that was not dictated by trading time for money and finally be able to enjoy life? Finally, have frequent holidays, work fewer hours, and start to regain our health. Ultimately become more energized and love life again.

Thirdly, how could we lift the ceiling on our income without working more hours?

As health professionals, we are a pawn in the modern healthcare system. Devoted to our patients, we are dictated to by third party organizations, governmental, and insurance companies.

We have very little power to change the system. Until now.

This concept changed everything.

I could finally work less than 15 hours a week, serve as many clients as I liked to excellent outcomes, and have the time and money to enjoy the finer things in life.

The principles of this concept that fast tracks you to success are:

  • Serve your patient to an extraordinary outcome. If you continue to use the modern health care system model of consult-to-consult, you will remain stuck and frustrated. Your patients desperately want better health and are prepared to do what it takes.
  • Develop efficient and effective clinical and business systems to attract, support, and deliver what you have promised. Too many health professionals have zero systems understanding. Couple this with fear, doubt, and no support structure, and they never get out the starting blocks. On the other hand, those health professionals that are most committed to their goals, coachable to new ideas, and can be resourceful when times get tough will live a great life.
  • The third principle that will give you a 1000% return is understanding Functional Medicine marketing. Marketing in Functional Medicine is entirely different from conventional medicine marketing. If you are trying to attract every patient under the sun, you will become exhausted, burn out, and never become effective in achieving excellent patient outcomes. We measure our marketing process’s effectiveness by every $1 we spend on marketing giving us a $10 return. This has been the case for several years as we have continued to scale our Functional Medicine practice to several seven figures online. Once you get this marketing structure in place, you will attract patients who understand your niche’s authority. This is a game-changer to building an online/hybrid Functional Medicine program that allows you to achieve your goals.

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