Aixa's Story - Graduate of FMFT - FMFT

Aixa’s Story – Graduate of FMFT

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Aixa’s Story – Graduate of FMFT

“What Garric and his team gave me was complete clarity on how to build a program out to help more people… so that they could get better results than just going visit to visit.“

-Dr. Aixa Goodrich.


Are you searching for the missing piece to help your patients see fantastic results?

Do you love helping patients heal, but also want the flexibility that a hybrid or virtual functional medicine practice can provide?

Are you already practicing functional medicine, but finding it exhausting and frustrating without the right business systems?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I highly recommend you listen to Dr. Aixa Goodrich’s story below.

She recently completed the Functional Medicine Fast Track Program, and it has changed her business.

Aixa has been practicing chiropractic for 21 years. After developing a thyroid condition, she was able to help herself with functional medicine. She then completed a functional medicine certification to help more people get healthy and realize that they weren’t necessarily condemned to a diagnosis.

She found that there was a crucial piece missing from that certification, though.

The FMFT Program gave her something that her certification hadn’t. The structure to build the business side of a functional medicine business.

Aixa now has several paying clients in functional medicine programs, getting fantastic results.

Listen to Aixa’s story to hear her experience and recommendations, how much her patients are happily paying per program for those fantastic results, and how functional medicine is making her goals for the future a reality.

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