Limiting Beliefs with Mariana Lacombe - FMFT

Limiting Beliefs with Mariana Lacombe

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Limiting Beliefs with Mariana Lacombe

Could your limiting beliefs be sabotaging your goals and dreams?

Mariana Lacombe, one of our mindset coaches here at Functional Medicine Fast Track, recently joined me to discuss limiting beliefs and what she sees with health practitioners.

A limiting belief is a feeling of certainty about something that doesn’t support you.

Something that takes your power away.

According to Mariana, our belief system is like an iceberg. What you see is just the tip of that iceberg.

That’s why we must build an empowering belief system. This is an ongoing process and an integral piece of the Functional Medicine Fast Track program.

In our discussion, Mariana goes over:

  • The importance of building a belief first to take action
  • How identifying limiting beliefs and building empowering beliefs brings up other limiting beliefs around freedom, money, business, and identity
  • Strategies to build an empowering belief system to take action
  • And more!

Beliefs are so powerful!

I highly recommend you watch this video.

Build the belief. Take action.

Schedule a call with us to get clarity on your goals, what limiting beliefs may be holding you back and how to take action now.

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