Melissa's Story - Graduate of FMFT - FMFT

Melissa’s Story – Graduate of FMFT

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Melissa’s Story – Graduate of FMFT

“I feel very blessed that I was able to participate in the program.”

–Dr. Melissa McRae, Board-Certified Family Practitioner


When Melissa was first thinking about joining the FMFT Program, it was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her two very busy offices had both come to almost a standstill.

Melissa had visions of recreating what her practices looked like for quite a while, and moving in that direction with some telehealth.

When Melissa saw what FMFT offered, she knew it was exactly what she needed to really lay out the plan she’d been envisioning.

Melissa and her team already had a lot of education in functional medicine but knew that FMFT’s comprehensive approach could fill in some gaps in a short power-packed 12 weeks.

Melissa and her team were also able to roll out their long-awaited program.

She says she feels incredibly optimistic about what the future holds for both of her offices as they continue to grow and expand.

Watch the video below to hear what Melissa had to say about her experience.

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