Riley's Story - Graduate of FMFT - FMFT

Riley’s Story – Graduate of FMFT

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Riley’s Story – Graduate of FMFT

“It’s one thing to learn all this stuff, but our job is to help people. If we don’t have the support or the knowledge to get the business side going, it can be really hard. Garric’s team knows that.”

-Dr. Riley Smith LAc, DACM, Dipl. OM

Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Riley Smith, recently graduated from the 12-week FMFT Program. Functional medicine was something he had wanted to get into for a very long time, so when the opportunity presented itself through the FMFT Program, he jumped on it.

Seeing functional medicine as the Western view equivalent of how they see the body and systems in Chinese medicine, everything operating as a whole, it made sense to Riley to integrate it.

In this video, Riley shares his biggest fear before joining the program, his experience during the program, how the business component of the program helped open up possibilities, and how he believes functional medicine will help him and his patients in the years to come.

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