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If you have been looking for more time and financial freedom as a health practitioner, this recent interview with Sofia Costa PT, DPT, CES is a must watch.
Garric recently spoke with Sofia about her experience in the Functional Medicine Fast Track program and integrating functional medicine into her practice. She has important advice for anyone ready to start living a more joyful life while serving clients at the highest level.
As the child of two physicians, Sofia is the first to say that helping people is in her DNA. It was many of her experiences, both growing up with health problems and watching how much her parents worked, that opened her eyes to the gaps in the conventional medical system.
Sofia knew there was more to the puzzle. This knowledge turned into a passion for helping people optimize health physically, mentally and emotionally.
After starting her practice in 2016, Sofia began implementing and integrating functional medicine little by little. While she was confident in her unique approach that blended science, energy and emotional components, she admits she was not 100% confident in taking clients to the next level. That’s when Sofia found the Functional Medicine Fast Track program.

In this interview, Sofia and Garric discuss:

  • How committing to Functional Medicine and choosing herself has helped Sofia address her own health issues while connecting on a deeper level with her clients.
  • Why mindset and coaching have been huge for Sofia, helping her redefine success and opening new doors.
  • How shifting from a consult-to-consult model to online programs has given Sofia location freedom, time freedom and financial freedom allowing her to design work around lifestyle instead of the other way around.
  • What Sofia recommends that every practitioner should do to connect with the right people.
If you’re ready to overcome your inner critic and show up for yourself and your clients like Sofia, I highly recommend you watch this video.

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