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These 2 Marketing Mistakes Will Sink Your Business

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I was reading a post the other day in another Facebook group, and I’m seeing that functional medicine practitioners are struggling with the marketing side of their business.

That tells me they have some functional medicine skills but cannot actually attract the right patients.

These practitioners are trying different marketing companies and spending a lot of money but not getting results, and it’s frustrating.

When you’re online, you have to be able to share a message in a very effective way on these platforms.

Most don’t understand that the business process has 3 phases:

  1. Attraction phase
  2. Conversion phase
  3. Delivery phase

All three of those phases have marketing processes.

Here are the mistakes we often see along the way:

Websites: Focused on your title and credentials instead of your potential patients and the problems they’re desperate to solve.

  • They don’t care about the letters behind your name
  • They’re not worried about the tools you plan to use
  • They want to know if they’re in the right place and if you can fix their problems – within 6 seconds of them coming to your website.

Message: Not emotional, not disruptive, a weak call to action

  • They want to know that you are going to help them get better
  • You need a strong video/email including a clear call to action
  • Social media posts and blog posts should share strategies, tips, and recommended supplements to help fix their problem

The reality is many marketing companies don’t understand functional medicine. You have to be in the game and understand what your potential patients are looking for.

You have to know how to attract clients, convert them, and deliver an outcome.

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