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What is a Transformational Functional Medicine Program?

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Today, I want to go over some fundamentals of things we all get trapped in.
I was at a functional medicine talk last night and found myself buying into an informational functional medicine program. And I questioned, why are we going through that process of buying into more informational programs?”.
Over the years, I’ve literally spent 10’s of thousands of dollars for different informational functional medicine programs. As humans, we have this need to gather more information, learn more, and it’s our spirit as a health professional to want to know everything to help our patients. There’s a lot of validity in thinking like that.
Here’s the thing – we tend to think, particularly as functional medicine practitioners, we need more information to get better results for our patients. That is ultimately a myth! It becomes an imbalance because the more information we get, the less we know, and what that does is create procrastination.
That procrastination leads to you never really resolving your patients’ problems.
There are so many health professionals at the moment on the fence of transitioning into functional medicine or thinking of getting started. They’ve signed up for some programs and listened to some webinars, but they’re not too sure. The biggest problem with this is that they keep buying into informational based programs.
The issue we’re facing is that we don’t take these conventional medicine paradigms to functional medicine. We need to be looking at differentiating between information and transformation. There’s a fundamental difference that we don’t stay stuck in these conventional medicine paradigms. We need to transform ourselves.

In this video, I'm discussing:

If this sounds like something you want in life, to be able to thrive in your business and focus on what you’re best at, then go over to our website and have a look at our webinar. This will be able to explain things in more detail and break things down for you so that you’re able to understand the processes that are needed to succeed. If you’ve already watched the webinar, want to learn more, and feel that this may be the right fit for you, then you can go straight to booking a call with us.

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