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3 Mistakes Health Professionals Make Transitioning to a Virtual Functional Medicine Practice

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Most health professionals are fed up with the conventional medicine system because of the regulations, protocols, and third party interference.

They feel trapped in a situation where they have no options.

They are looking for alternatives.

Many don’t realize there is another way, and they already have 80% of the required skill set needed for it.

There is a small percentage of health professionals already living this amazing life with the freedom to choose.

They have a lifestyle that supports their health and supports their ability to help patients.

I want to help you become one of those health professionals.

We don’t want other health professionals to go through what we went through. We went through a lot of heartache, challenges, and investment figuring out what didn’t work.

In this video, I’m sharing these three big mistakes health professionals make transitioning to a virtual functional medicine practice:

  1. Transitioning to an online functional medicine, but continuing with the conventional medicine consult-to-consult model.
  2. Having no systems in place (specifically to attract, convert and onboard, and get clinical results)
  3. No training or mentorship to transition into this specialized area of online functional medicine.

Fast track to your goals as a health professional.

Do what you really want to do:

  • Get great patient outcomes
  • Have a great life yourself
  • Never be limited by trading time for money.

If that makes sense, schedule a call with our team to fast track to your goals and avoid these mistakes along the way.

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