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Not Enough Time to Learn?

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Not Enough Time to Learn?

Ever feel like you have to put your dreams on the backburner because there’s just not enough time?

If you’re running a busy practice or working long hours for someone else and trying to get the most out of life with your loved ones, it’s often not feasible to take time out for more education.

This is what our FMFT graduate Philip had to say about his dreams of incorporating Functional Medicine into his practice.

See, he noticed that most programs require 2-3 years of training before you can be up and running…

And he just couldn’t justify taking the time out of his practice and life to dedicate himself to a Functional Medicine program.

Which is why our 12-week fast track appealed to him so much.

There was just one problem.

Philip geeks out on science and details, and he was skeptical. Would our 12-week program be detailed enough to give him everything he needed to have total confidence helping his patients using Functional Medicine?

The answer was yes.

Not only that — it’s giving him the business savvy to reject the old-school business model of trading money for time.

Listen to Philip’s story in this short, 4-minute video.

Not only does he talk about all the time he saved, he explains how Functional Medicine helped him recover his health when conventional medicine couldn’t.

If you resonate with Philip’s experience, schedule a call with our team to see if the FMFT program is exactly what you need to get better outcomes for your patients while restructuring your business for more income and less burnout.


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