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3 Pillars of Sustainability for Health Practitioners

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3 Pillars of Sustainability for Health Practitioners

I want to ask you about the balance of life. Specifically, where you feel you are right now in the three pillars of contribution, income and life balance.

These are the three pillars we see that are completely out of balance when it comes to most health practitioners. You could be one of them based on how you answer these questions:

  • Are you contributing and impacting the community and your patients the way you thought you would when you first entered the health profession?
  • Are you earning the income that you thought you would be at this point in your career or do you see your income on a trajectory towards where you would ultimately like it to be?
  • Do you have a balanced lifestyle between work and home?

Ponder these three questions for a moment.

Where are you with these three specific pillars in your life?

Because we find that most practitioners who don’t get them right, never feel fulfilled. They never feel that they’ve achieved all they possibly could.

These three questions are so key, and they’re ones that I ask myself and the practitioners we work with all the time.

Ultimately, sustainability for any practitioner comes down to the balance between these three pillars. If one of them isn’t fulfilled, it’s not sustainable.

That’s why we see 80% of health professionals exiting the health profession in their 40’s. Because they haven’t achieved that balance yet, and they just don’t see that balance ever happening.

So, I want to ask you again…

Are you prepared to continue as you are now? Do you feel completely satisfied with where you are in all three of these pillars until the day you retire?

Or are you looking for change?

In this video, I’m discussing:

Would you rather sit in regret after you retire of the contribution you didn’t make, the income you didn’t earn and the lifestyle that slipped through your fingers, or do you want to really make a go of it now? Do you really want to make a change?

If these 3 pillars are out of balance and unfulfilled for you, I highly recommend you watch this video to learn more about how Functional Medicine can change that in a matter of months, not years.

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