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What I hear so often is that Functional Medicine is nutrition.

There is a big association between Functional Medicine and nutrition. It’s true that nutrition is very important, but be aware that nutrition is not Functional Medicine. If it were, dietitians and nutritionists would have resolved all the chronic illnesses out there.

These days so many patients we see have their nutrition on point. They may already be dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free. They may have tried the Keto Diet, Low FODMAP Diet and Mediterranean Diet. These patients who think that they’ve done everything as far as nutrition goes, but still find themselves stuck, can easily begin to lose hope.

As a practitioner, believing Functional Medicine and nutrition are the same can be a barrier to moving into Functional Medicine. One sign or symptom can have many different root causes while one root cause can have many different signs and symptoms depending on the patient. By the time we see them, patients have been from pillar to post. They are tired of the same old story they’ve heard from every other health practitioner.

Once we lose concept of one area, we can open our minds to realize that the body is a whole and we have in our scope of practice so many things to explore to help a patient.

Functional Medicine is not just nutrition, there are many factors that contribute to health.

I’m discussing:

  • Why you need to have objective measurements to guide a program in a personalized way to get results quickly.
  • How each person is very individual requiring a very concentrated and personalized program.
  • Specific examples of how lifestyle factors affect gut health and patient outcomes even when nutrition is on point.
If you’re ready to understand the different systems of the body, how they work together and how we move forward to help a patient with a personalized program beyond just nutrition, I highly recommend this Functional Medicine Fast Track video!

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