Interview with Sarah Dible of Rejuvenance Therapy Vancouver - FMFT

Interview with Sarah Dible of Rejuvenance Therapy Vancouver

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Interview with Sarah Dible of Rejuvenance Therapy Vancouver

Imagine feeling so burnt out, frustrated and exhausted by your work helping others that you’re ready to give it all up. That’s just how Sarah Dible felt as a physical therapist specializing in orthopedics. That was before she began her journey into alternative and functional medicine. This graduate of the Functional Medicine Fast Track Program recently joined Garric to discuss her experience integrating Functional Medicine both into her practice and her own life.

Sarah Dible has 20 years of orthopedic physical therapy experience. Ten of those years were spent in a large practice. Sarah often found herself seeing patients that were trying so hard to heal but getting stuck. It was during this time that Sarah began to understand that there must be something more. Continuing education training was not answering questions or offering real solutions.

Ready to give up physical therapy and facing her own health challenges, Sarah began to wonder what might be missing. She became desperate for solutions for herself and her patients.

In this interview, Sarah shares:

If you’re interested in hearing more about how Functional Medicine can change your life and practice, this interview is a must watch.

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