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Forget the Six Figures: Benefits and Challenges of Integrating Functional Medicine

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Today I wanted to ask you a question.

Who’s interested in earning six figures a year with 2 to 4 new clients per month entirely online?

Most people would say, “Yeah! Absolutely! Me!”

It’s essential to understand what is behind this question, though.

The real currency of the 21st century is not money. It’s the time and mobility behind those six figures and 2 to 4 new clients per month.

People aren’t rushing to be the next millionaire or billionaire.

They’re looking for the flexibility and the time to enjoy what they have.

There is abundance out there. Most people don’t have the time or flexibility to enjoy it.

They are stuck in the traffic, have a busy family life, and often work grueling hours. They do not have quality time for themselves or the people and things they love.

As health practitioners, we are dictated to by third parties like the government, bosses, insurance, etc.

The combination of knowing how to treat patients to get great results and having the time and mobility to enjoy your life is UNMATCHED.

In this video, I discuss how you can use your existing skillset to achieve this combination, challenges practitioners face, and how to overcome them.

Times are changing. Opportunities do not go away. They go to someone willing to make a decision and act on it.

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