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3 Scope of Practice Questions Holding Practitioners Back

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3 Scope of Practice Questions Holding Practitioners Back

Today I wanted to answer some of the questions popping up in the Facebook group.

These are questions that come around all the time.

I want to go through them as thoroughly as I can. It’s often what holds people back from moving forward in getting started with their functional medicine business, practice, programs, or working with patients. It may be they’ve already learned some functional medicine or done a certification, and they’re still stuck because they have these unanswered questions.

A lot of this uncertainty is around scope of practice and integrating functional medicine into a current workplace.

They are such valid questions.

These are questions that I had when I first got started over 15 years ago.

In this video, I discuss the three key areas people get stuck and how we move past them to help patients.

Everyone is in a different situation, but there is a solution for every single person.

Functional medicine will fulfill your spirit as a health professional.

Please, don’t get held up by uncertainty and these common questions.

There are so many patients needing your help!

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