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How to Scale an Online Functional Medicine Business

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How to Scale an Online Functional Medicine Business

Today, I wanted to go through a subject that is very close to my heart for many reasons – How to scale an online functional medicine business.

Whether it’s hybrid or purely online, the principles are the same.

There are four integral principles that we have used to scale our business to multiple seven figures over the last several years.

If you stick to these principles, you can see the same success.

I love talking about this and coaching practitioners because some healthcare practitioners stand out. They are the health practitioners committed to functional medicine, committed to their health, committed to a sustainable lifestyle to continue functional medicine for as long as they choose.

That sustainable lifestyle connected to our mission and purpose and no limitations are integral in helping more people.

That is why scaling is so important.

In this video, I discuss the four principles to scale an online functional medicine business that have helped us find success. They are:

  1. It starts with you – what is your vision, how does it make you feel, and how committed are you to achieving that goal?
  2. Invest in yourself, your systems, your team, and marketing.
  3. Build a strong foundation
  4. Never quit – stay committed, decisive and resourceful

Practitioners that follow these principles create scalable online functional medicine businesses. They can work from anywhere in the world, have a team supporting them, are getting unbelievable patient outcomes, and have an income with no ceiling.

Every healthcare professional can do this.

My goal is to inspire you to dream and realize that a good life is the enemy of a great life.

You choose your pain. It is either the discipline of getting it right by following these four principles or regret at never getting started or quitting along the way.

We can help you get it right.

When you’re ready, book a call with our team to discuss your vision and how the FMFT Program can help you build that strong foundation to scale an online business.

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