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Why Practicing Functional Medicine Can SUCK the Life Out of You

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Why Practicing Functional Medicine Can SUCK the Life Out of You

I remember more than a decade ago in my traditional medical practice feeling FRUSTRATED with the current health system and looking for an alternative.

Functional Medicine was that ALTERNATIVE. But it wasn’t all roses. In fact, it was more like a bunch of THORNS because Practicing Functional Medicine can suck the life out of you… if you let it.

It was so much work to gather all the information, research and prepare. Build a timeline. Populate the matrix. Retell the patient story. Then educate the patient on this new way of thinking and move to the next step. We spent 3-5 HOURS per patient preparing and then charged for an hour thirty-minute consult.

The math didn’t add up, and the sustainability seemed SHORT-SIGHTED. How could this work?

Then the next obstacle was getting great patient outcomes. I thought it was a slam dunk. That using Functional Medicine would automatically create great patient outcomes… NO WAY.

In fact, there was more BLOOD along the way of this learning curve of functional medicine and it was very embarrassing.

I thought it was easy as… here is your personalized Functional Medicine plan, do this, and you will be good until I will see you in a months time for a follow-up.

OH NO, that is a recipe for DISASTER.

What we have learned over the last several years is that success is in DETAIL. If you don’t have automation, systems and world-class support for your patients to achieve extraordinary results, you are better off sticking with what you are currently doing.

You see, the CURRENT models of learning Functional Medicine are great for information-based learning. The drawback is we need to TRANSFORM people’s health. With information alone, it’s like driving a car WITHOUT gas. You are NEVER going to reach your destination.

This is why our Functional Medicine Fast Track team have set up the most unbelievable TRANSFORMATIONAL program.

If you prefer learning like we did through informational seminars and then going through the University of HARD KNOCKS, then the traditional way MAY be right for you.

If you prefer to FAST-TRACK your success into a sustainable Functional Medicine world and get great patient results, you need leverage, systems, automation, and world-class support.

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