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When it comes to achieving optimal whole body health, the gut is where it all begins.

Research shows that 90% of the time, we need to start by looking at gut health in order to heal the body.

We all know the important role exercise plays in achieving health and wellness. What’s crucial to understand is how gut health, exercise and healing are interrelated.

The diversity of gut bacteria is a huge factor in a person’s health. The more diverse the gut bacteria, the better we can predict the body’s ability to stay healthy, recover from injury and heal from ailments.

The relationship between aerobic activity and gut bacteria is key in achieving the balance needed to enjoy optimal health and a fulfilling life.

I’m sharing:

  • The five most researched (and crucial) components to gut health.
  • How paying attention to gut health and exercise will enable you to better help patients achieve balance and heal from illness and injuries.
  • How to find whole body balance for stronger gut health and reduced stress and inflammation.
If you want to unlock the secrets of gut health to provide your patients with next-level care, I highly recommend this Functional Medicine Fast Track video!

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