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Dr. Elizabeth Board recently joined Garric to discuss her experience with Functional Medicine. Dr. Board was the first medical doctor in Georgia to become board certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine. She is the founder of Atlanta Functional Medicine and a highly trained physician in pain management, anesthesiology, medical acupuncture, and more.

Dr. Board has grown a thriving functional medicine practice in Alpharetta, GA offering alternatives to the same old pain pills. In this interview, you’ll hear how she jumped into the systemized approach of functional medicine as a way to help people without creating new problems for them.

After deciding that she wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem, Dr. Board began training through the Institute for Functional Medicine. She soon fell in love with the broader perspective of Functional Medicine.

In this interview, Dr. Board shares:

  • How she grew her referral base by focusing on the patient in front of her to get great outcomes that caught the attention of other practitioners and patients.
  • The importance of coaching and mentorship to integrate functional medicine into your practice.
  • How to encourage and empower patients to get the results they want through lab testing and simple lifestyle changes such as the elimination diet.
  • Clinical pearls around osteoporosis that shatter the conventional paradigms.
  • The beauty and magic of the systemized approach and what it can do for patients’ signs and symptoms.
If you want to get first-hand insights and tips from a highly respected Functional Medicine practitioner to integrate Functional Medicine into your own practice, I recommend you watch the full interview now.

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