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Are you thinking about starting a Functional Medicine practice, but are hesitant about the start-up and overhead costs? Do you already work in the in-home healthcare field and would like to integrate Functional Medicine in your practice? Let me share with you 4 reasons why seeing a patient in-home is a great way to start your practice. Without the excessive start-up costs.

1. Seeing a patient in-home allows you to see their home environment, which is much different than meeting the patient in an office. You have the ability to assess several key elements to help you create the perfect personal plan:
  • Household Toxicity – What chemicals do you see in the patient’s household?
  • Food – Take a look in their kitchen and in their refrigerator and see what exactly the patient is eating.
  • Stress Level – Do you see stress within the relationships in the household?
  • Mold – Could there possibly be any mold present in the patient’s home?
2. By seeing patients in-home, you avoid all of the overhead costs associated with starting up a practice, which benefits your cash flow. There is no lease, staff, or maintenance needed.
3. In-home Functional Medicine allows you to charge a higher rate. On average a practitioner seeing patients in-home charges between $250 and $500 per session. Working only 3 to 4 hours and visiting 2 patients per day, you could make $10,000 – $20,000 per month.
4. You can continue supporting your patients online. While face-to-face meetings are important, creating a hybrid situation of both online and personal communication can benefit the patient.

In the video below, I’m sharing:

  • Why seeing patients in-home is the gold standard.
  • How you can build a practice without overhead costs.
  • Why in-home Functional Medicine allows you to increase your cash flow by charging a higher rate.
  • How you can leverage your time while over delivering to your patients.
If this sounds exciting to you and you’re interested in building your own Functional Medicine practice, I highly recommend you watch this Functional Medicine Fast Track video:

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