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Do I Need a Certification to Integrate Functional Medicine?

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Do I Need a Certification to Integrate Functional Medicine?

Do I need a Functional Medicine certification to practice Functional Medicine? This is a question I’m asked quite often and the answer is simple.

No, you do not need a certification to integrate Functional Medicine into your practice.

The fact that most health professionals think that a certification may be the single reason actually holding you back from serving your patients at the highest level and getting amazing results.

Functional Medicine is not an intervention, but rather a new way of thinking and understanding why a patient has a chronic illness.

By using a systemized approach to identify the root cause of why a patient is suffering, while building a therapeutic relationship, you can achieve extraordinary results for your patients.

The future of medicine is changing. Many people don’t care about the initials after your name or the certification hanging on the wall. They are looking for practitioners who can get results. Patients are disillusioned and jaded with the current health care system. Let’s be honest the health care system is actually in crisis. This is why people are searching on “Dr. Google” and social media and are becoming smarter than some practitioners. But honestly they really want YOU!!

Functional Medicine is something that you can incorporate into your practice right away. In fact, some of you are most likely already practicing this in some way without even realizing it. You just need to learn the proper systemized approach instead of a “Band-Aid” approach. Patients are looking for you to be the solution to their problem.

Get out of the mindset of needing a certificate OR certification and integrate Functional Medicine into your practice right away!

In the video below, I’m sharing:

If you’re ready to become that Functional Medicine practitioner that can work a little bit less, get fantastic results for your patients, get time freedom back and start to live the way you want to live, I highly recommend this Functional Medicine Fast Track video!

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