Interview with Jared McDonald Business Strategy Coach - FMFT

Interview with Jared McDonald Business Strategy Coach

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Interview with Jared McDonald Business Strategy Coach

Jared McDonald has worked with thousands of functional medicine practitioners across the United States and around the world. His passion is business strategy in functional medicine. He recently joined Garric to discuss what practitioners integrating functional medicine need to know about business strategy.

With a background in psychology, Jared spent many years working with kids and teens. It wasn’t until his wife got sick that he was introduced to the world of functional medicine. When Jared and his wife found they weren’t getting answers from conventional medicine, they began exploring functional medicine. The pair consumed as much information as they could to learn more. This would start Jared on the road to helping practitioners integrate functional medicine most effectively with business strategy.

Jared is now an integral part of the Functional Medicine Fast Track Program as a business strategy coach. Through regular training and QA sessions, he offers insight and recommendations into setting up systems, effective marketing strategies and more.

In this interview, Jared discusses:

If you’re ready to create a whole experience for your patients, putting smart business strategy in place as you integrate functional medicine, this interview with Jared McDonald is a must watch!

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