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What happens when you integrate Functional Medicine into your solo physical therapy practice and holistic center? A recent graduate of the Functional Medicine Fast Track Program has the answer. In this interview with Lesley Allen PT, DPT, PYT, she shares the big personal and professional changes she has seen!

Lesley Allen, owner of a practice in Kentucky, first found Functional Medicine when searching for solutions for her own health issues. Conventional medicine was focused only on diagnoses and symptoms. Her practitioners did not dig into find why Lesley was facing those challenges. It was only after she began seeing a Functional Medicine practitioner that Lesley began seeing rapid changes in her own health.

This was the first time a practitioner had sat down and looked at the big picture. Lesley’s Functional Medicine practitioner followed the systemized approach, ordered labs and finally empowered Lesley to change her health for the better.

From the start of her practice, Lesley helped many of her patients to make beneficial lifestyle changes to improve gut health and manage stress. It wasn’t until Lesley began considering where her practice was going and how she could reach some of her goals for 2018 that a new door opened. An ad for the Functional Medicine Fast Track Program found its way to Lesley. She knew that was the next step for her!

In this interview with Lesley Allen, she sits down with Garric to discuss:

  • How she went from referring out an average of six patients per month to becoming the go-to practitioner for even the most difficult cases.
  • Why the 12-week program and its hands-on approach to learning Functional Medicine was the perfect fit for Lesley as a busy practitioner.
  • What changes Lesley has made in her practice and how that has helped her get even better outcomes, offer better support and increase what she can charge.
  • How Functional Medicine is helping Lesley reach her goal of working significantly fewer hours while making more money.
If you’re ready to start integrating Functional Medicine and curious about how it can help you reach your personal and professional goals, I highly recommend watching this interview with Lesley Allen:

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