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The 3 Most Important Principles to Integrate Functional Medicine

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The 3 Most Important Principles to Integrate Functional Medicine

Today, I want to chat about 3 principles you need to bring into your functional medicine practice if you want success moving into the future.

This is key. Particularly in these times.

If you’re not getting these three principles right, you will be struggling.

When you bring functional medicine into the conventional medicine context of consult-to-consult, brick-and-mortar, and insurance-based practice, 80% of your patients will not follow through and get the outcomes.

That’s why these principles are so important.

  1. Understand that you have to go online
    You are supporting transformation with your clients. Patients need education, support, and accountability. That cannot happen if it’s just in the office.
  2. You have to be working in a program format
    Programs help your patient with their transformation. It doesn’t have to be the perfect program. You just need your patients to follow through with what you’re telling and teaching them, and they will get better!
  3. You have to be charging cash
    You want to get paid upfront, so people have skin in the game. They’re relying on insurance to tell them what they can do.

Are you working with these 3 principles?

Watch this video to see how these principles can help you build a successful functional medicine business and deliver outstanding patient outcomes.

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