Sarah's Story - Graduate of FMFT - FMFT

Sarah’s Story – Graduate of FMFT

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Sarah’s Story – Graduate of FMFT

“I left the conventional model altogether. I felt like I couldn’t truly help people with chronic diseases using conventional tools alone.”

-Sarah Adams, Nurse Practitioner


Are you searching for something different?

A way to help people with chronic disease without sacrificing your own life?

A model that naturally sets you up for success without burnout and frustration?

That’s what nurse practitioner Sarah Adams was looking for when she came across the FMFT Program.

Real solutions for patients and time for her family.

When Sarah started the FMFT Program, she shared that she was excited, optimistic and energized but also nervous and overwhelmed.

Is 12 weeks enough time to become a functional medicine practitioner and feel ready to help people?

There was overwhelm, but Sarah realized two key things that changed her mindset and set her up for success:

She didn’t have to know it all or figure it out alone. She had the support of the FMFT team behind her.
As she continued learning and taking action, she realized she would have everything she needed to launch her business and serve patients when it was go-time!

If your goals are to find work-life balance, avoid burnout, help clients achieve great results and be fairly compensated for your time like Sarah, I highly recommend you watch this video. She discusses her experience in the program, what she found most valuable and what success looks like to her.

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