Wiley's Story - Graduate of FMFT - FMFT

Wiley’s Story – Graduate of FMFT

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Wiley’s Story – Graduate of FMFT

“You’ll never get to where you want to be by just wishing you were there. You have to take the steps to get there.”

-Wiley Petersen, PA-C

So many questions and fears came up for Wiley Petersen when he first started considering functional medicine and the FMFT Program:

  • Would he be able to complete the program or get the results he wanted?
  • Would the FMFT program include everything he needed? Was it a comprehensive program?
  • Was the program worth the money?
  • Would he know enough?
  • Would he fail or succeed?

Wiley quickly learned after starting the program that it had everything he was looking for!

Though it wasn’t always easy, with motivation and willingness to take action, plus plenty of support and coaching through the program, he’s on track to his goals.

If you’re interested in functional medicine and the FMFT Program and have questions, I highly recommend watching this video. Wiley shares his personal experience, big takeaways and goals for his business.

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