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The Impact of Vibrational Energy as a Root Cause

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Ok, so I know I am getting a bit weird for some of you with this one, but stick with me. Today’s post is about vibrational energy as a root cause.

How many times have you treated a patient that has everything on point? Their exercise, sleep, nutrition, supplements, career, finances, but they still have CHRONIC symptoms and injuries.

If you’re involved with energy therapy this will all make sense. If not, it’s important to keep reading.

Even one of the top Functional Medicine cardiologists, Dr. Mimi Guarneri, in her book ‘The Heart Speaks,’ explains the power of emotion in relation to disease and healing.

My point is, lower vibrating energies, including sadness, anger, frustration, depression and doubt, can have a negative influence on our cells. Potentially destructive.

Keep an open mind on every angle to help your patient. That is the core of Functional Medicine, and it’s how you can make a difference.

In this video, I’m sharing:

If you’re ready to heal patients by recognizing the impact of vibrational energy as a root cause, I highly recommend this Functional Medicine Fast Track video!

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