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3 Reasons the Consult Model is Killing Your Income, Lifestyle and Impact

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3 Reasons the Consult Model is Killing Your Income, Lifestyle and Impact

This is a subject so close to my heart.

It’s been an absolute game changer for many practitioners I’ve worked with and me.

If you understand and apply this one concept, your whole life will change for the better.

I’m talking about how the consult-to-consult model kills your income, lifestyle and impact.

I worked in that model for 20 years, in the trenches living it every day. I was exhausted, getting pretty good (not great) patient outcomes, physically hurting, and didn’t have time to spend with my family and kids.

When I finally transitioned away from the consult-to-consult model 10 years ago, it was a complete game changer.

It’s a shift that gave me back my life and health, and it can do the same for you.

The shift from consult-to-consult to programs.

Functional Medicine programs get amazing results.

Here are the three reasons to switch from consult-to-consult to programs:

  • Get great outcomes – Everything we do is to help people and get great outcomes. You can do Functional Medicine consult-to-consult, but it doesn’t get the results. I know. I tried for years to fit Functional Medicine into that conventional medicine model. We need to transform our patients through a program’s support, education, community and accountability. Not leave it up to them to book the next consult. The program style of practice is the gold standard for patient outcomes.
  • Leverage your time – As a health professional, you get stuck trading time for money with consult-to-consult. This is a recipe for burnout. About 90% of the health professionals we speak to have health issues because they spend so much time working, documenting and pushing for the required numbers while ignoring their health. Instead, use your time efficiently with the program model. It gives you the flexibility of time for a better life balance.
  • Scale your income – Most practitioners we speak to don’t see this as the highest priority but recognize there is a ceiling on their income working consult-to-consult. The program model allows you to scale your income without working more hours or hoping for a slight pay increase. Many who make the shift choose to work fewer hours without losing income. It’s about lifestyle freedom and choosing what you want to do with your time without being locked into the time-for-money trap.

There is another way. There is another model. Once you get away from the consult-to-consult model and get the program model right, you can have an amazing life with the balance of great patient outcomes, great time and lifestyle freedom, better health and the ability to scale your income.

Understand that the online Functional Medicine program we talk about comes with so many benefits.

We are here to help you get out of the consult-to-consult model with an online Functional Medicine program.

Whether you know Functional Medicine or not, we can help you.

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