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Building Flexibility to Weather the Storm

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Building Flexibility to Weather the Storm

Today, I wanted to discuss the universal principle of flexibility.

It’s one area that has really been missed by a lot of health professionals. They have not built flexibility into the processes, systems, even ideas of their business. Whether they’re employed or own their own practice

This has created a lot of concern and heartache for practitioners right now as they’ve seen their business shrink because patients just don’t want that social interaction.

It’s something that needs to be brought up as a subject, because COVID-19 is being spoken about in so many different contexts. We’re not thinking about what we’re doing from a systems point of view to weather the storm. That we can put a plan in place if something like this happens again, God forbid. It really comes down to creating flexibility.

Flexibility means having the ability to move in either direction when necessary.

A lot of practitioners at the moment have gone from stressful lives of working long hours, not looking after their own health, and not spending much time with family to something very different.

Now they’re home. They’ve got time to spend with their family and on their health and their family’s health. Almost getting a little bored but enjoying that time to focus on what’s really important.

The only problem is that in the back of their mind, they’re worrying about lost income and where the next paycheck is coming from. They’re wondering what is going to happen in the next 30, 60, 90 days and worrying about paying business expenses, loans and rent.

That is a major concern for a lot of health professionals sitting at home at the moment.

Flexibility is a universal principle that really needs to be thought about. One that you can start putting into place very quickly.

It’s reality at the moment. 

In this video, I'm discussing:

If this need for flexibility resonates with you, watch this video then reach out to us.

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