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Your Next Step During These Challenging Times

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Your Next Step During These Challenging Times

I wanted to reach out today to give you a couple key pointers for these challenging times, because we’re getting a lot of health professionals reaching out to us. 

We’re seeing lots of health professionals contracting into themselves and the uncertainty right now. It’s understandable. A lot have had to close their practices, and those that are still open for business have seen a drop in patients of 70, 80, even 90 percent.

These are times when we really need to check within ourselves, and make sure we are expanding instead of contracting. That as a health professional we are looking at these times as a key measure to realize this is our calling.

We are living through a medical crisis, not a financial crisis.

The first thing every health practitioner should do is to check where your emotional home is right now. If you’re living in scarcity and holding on to what you have, hoping that this will all go away next week, you could really be putting yourself at risk. Where will you be in 30, 60 or 90 days time if this situation doesn’t change?

Are you taking advantage of this opportunity to expand, raise your vibration and rise up to your calling or are you sitting back in the fear, doubt and anxiety hoping everything will go back to the way it was?

It’s an important emotional check. Sit for five minutes and ask yourself:

  • How am I feeling?
  • Where am I at?
  • If I’m down low, what am I doing to lift myself to a higher level and expand?

Whatever your emotional vibration is, that’s what will go out to your community and your patients. The only way that you will give your patients the sense that you are the person to help them through this health crisis and help them understand what they can do to support their immune system is by expanding and rising up to your calling. 

It’s true, this is a situation that is creating adversity, but what are we doing as people and health professionals to take the positives out of it?

So many out there are framing it as only a negative. Others are embracing the positives, thankful to be:

  • Spending more time at home with family
  • Learning how to do everything online
  • Spending more time on their own health
  • Freeing up space for what’s most important

My question to you is what if you could still have all the best from this situation, the extra time and space and still support your patients at the highest level?

What would happen if online telehealth with Functional Medicine became part of your life allowing you to see patients from home and still have that space for what’s most important.

That is the way I and many practitioners already live and work.

These times haven’t really rocked our world at all. In fact, business is better as more patients look for telehealth options and we’re having more quality time with our families as they also spend more time at home.

We want that for you too.

Sometimes these adverse situations come along to help us realize that it’s time to realign ourselves with our calling and priorities. 

This may be the perfect opportunity to think about what are the possible next steps for you.

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