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Do you have questions about integrating functional medicine? Not sure if the Functional Medicine Fast Track Program is the right choice for you?

If so, I highly encourage you to watch this interview.

I was recently able to catch up with Dr. Sofia Costa, a graduate of the Functional Medicine Fast Track Program and a PT who has changed her life and those of countless others since integrating functional medicine through an online practice. 

You may remember Sofia from this 2019 interview.

When Sofia reached out to us in early 2019, she had had enough of conventional medicine. She had worked for several years in various clinics seeing 15 to 17 patients a day and limited based on insurance requirements.

After opening her own practice offering a more integrative approach, and crossing paths with a functional medicine practitioner, the seed was planted. Sofia knew that there was even more she could be doing for her patients and for herself.

After becoming crystal clear on her goals, she knew that functional medicine and the FMFT program was the next step. 

It has paid off for this dynamic practitioner who says she’s more confident than she has ever been in her life. 

In this interview, Sofia and I discuss:

  • The biggest changes functional medicine and an online program have made in her life, giving her the time, location and financial freedom she wanted while guiding patients to incredible outcomes and transformations.
  • The most common questions she gets from health practitioners considering integrating functional medicine and enrolling in the Functional Medicine Program including working with patients online, marketing yourself through online channels, and the time and financial investments of the FMFT program.
  • What she says to those health practitioners still wondering if integrating functional medicine is the right choice for them.
  • The importance of making decisions from a place of power and purpose instead of fear and scarcity.
  • The exciting things on the horizon for Sofia thanks to her clear goals and decisive mindset.
In just one year, Dr. Sofia Costa has achieved so much with functional medicine. If you’re ready to start living your why instead of just wishing for it, watch this interview.

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