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Functional Medicine is Not Nutrition

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Functional Medicine is Not Nutrition

I’m here today to bust the myth that Functional Medicine is Nutrition. I hear it again and again, and the truth is Functional Medicine is not nutrition.

So many practitioners are held back by the belief that they can’t get into Functional Medicine because nutrition may not be in their scope of practice.

It really is a myth, and that’s the bottom line.

Unfortunately, a lot of practitioners have never had any nutritional training in their main degree, and they often feel that is a big part lacking in their knowledge.

Many don’t realize that if nutritionists and dietitians were able to solve all the world’s health problems just through nutrition, we wouldn’t have a health crisis today. It is just so much more than nutrition when it comes to health problems.

This is why Functional Medicine is not nutrition. Nutrition is an intervention.

By definition, Functional Medicine is using a systemized approach to identify the underlying root causes while building a therapeutic relationship. Nowhere in there does it say nutrition, but still the myth continues.

What it does say is we’re using a systemized approach to identify the underlying root causes.

When it comes to underlying root causes, there are many. Too many to mention in the time I have today.

The key is to understand that Functional Medicine is a new way of thinking. It’s using a system to try and identify these underlying root causes. Really, it’s for us as practitioners to understand the inefficiencies of metabolic pathways , the inefficiencies of genetics and how all of that plays a role in a person’s current:

  • Lifestyle factors
  • Day-to-day stresses
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise or lack thereof
  • Relationships

All the factors that play a role in their current signs, symptoms and concerns and where they are right now.

We don’t want you to see these myths holding you back in fear and doubt. More Functional Medicine practitioners are needed in the world, because it will take more than just a few practitioners to fix the world’s health crisis. We need many, many practitioners thinking in this new way.

Know that nutrition is not an obstacle to you becoming a Functional Medicine practitioners.

In this video, I’m sharing:

If you’re ready to start moving forward with Functional Medicine, I highly recommend you watch this video to learn more.

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